November 24, 2017


Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Biggest sale ever on our site!

Black Friday

Check out all the deals on StashBelts and the all-new StashBag, StashBath and StashFold.
We are proud to have expanded our product line after a couple of years focusing on the StashBelt.
Catch the sale between Friday, Nov 24 - Monday, Nov 27!  
December 03, 2015

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Our family is GROWING!

Season's Greetings StashFan!

What a 2015 it has been! From our incredible national exposure on CBC's Dragon's Den (with coast-to-coast coverage here, here and here), we really wanted to extend our thanks to you for making StashBelt the #1 leather money belt for intrepid travelers with a social conscience.

As we look towards 2016, growth is on the horizon. We have increased capacity at the factory in Nairobi and cemented a fulfillment relationship with Summer Street Industries, an organization that provides jobs for Canadians with intellectual disabilities.

We believe the Summer Street partnership brings our social mission full circle and have been thrilled with the results so far.

And now for you, our loyal customer, we are proud to announce the StashBath, StashBag and StashFold. Our first shipment just arrived and they look spectacular!

Order before Dec 18th to arrive by Christmas!

August 24, 2015

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The truth about metal detectors...

Is that they are in fact iron detectors. 

Over the past 10 years, like many of you all, I have passed through the scrutinizing gaze of innumerable metal detectors. Before I wizened up, I was beeping every time, or annoyingly taking off my shoes, belt, watch and anything else even vaguely metallic. 
So I started an sort anecdotal investigation. 
I began quasi-scientifically testing all manner of different materials during my airport travels, wearing one metallic item at a time to see what made it through. 
Steel toed boots were the absolute worst. Got the five alarm beep every time, forcing me to walk barefoot through the scan a second time. 
Watches with grey metal and even small change (like dimes) produced a similar result. 
Same deal with belts with grey metallic buckles. 
Then one day I wore a prototype generation-four Stashbelt through security. (For the record, I never take off my belt in security until asked). And I glided through with nary a beep. 
Puzzled, I tried this time and time again. Even when my fellow travellers were complaining about super sensitive scanners, the StashBelt got through no problem.
As it turns out, metal detectors are in fact IRON detectors. They pick up ferrous metals only, so other base metals like gold, copper and zinc will pass unnoticed.
As such, current generation-six StashBelts do not contain significant quantities of iron. The buckle, though it looks silvery, is a copper-zinc alloy. The zipper meanwhile is made of high-test plastic. 
Morale of the story? Your StashBelt will pass through security hassle free. 
February 06, 2015


Dragon's Den Pitch

For everyone who is struggling to watch our Dragon's Den pitch outside Canada, don't fear because we've got you covered. Just click the picture and the Internet will do the rest!



January 09, 2015


Short Interview with Ken Kingston over at 989XFM today

Click Here:

October 17, 2014


New Website!

Veteran StashFans will see a BIG difference today as we've got some new digs!

As always Nigel Burke has come through with great service, on time and on budget :)


We can't thank him enough - if you need web design service - call Nigel!

June 19, 2014


Part 2 - StashBelt does Washington DC!

Hello! And Welcome back to Part 2 of StashBelt does Washington DC!
We left off with our intrepid travellers seeking slumber at the HAMILTON CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL - this is a great spot by the way for people seeking great accommodations - close to just about everything downtown at a reasonable rate.... Big thanks to the Day Manager, Raffi (I believe it was) scored me some color printing "pro bono" just in the nick of time.
Since we were in town on both Business and Pleasure we balanced our days getting in as much sight seeing in as we could during off hours and in the evenings after the convention. I can easily say Washington - even at night is a very safe feeling city. I've been to a lot of big cities where I was on edge after dark, Washington however didn't rub me that way at all. The streets are large and easy to navigate and even in the older parts like Georgetown, we walked freely at night without any troubles. Nevertheless I was happy to have a cool fifty tucked away in my StashBelt should the need arise ;)Once particular night we stopped into The Hamilton for some quick eats and then headed upstairs for some live local folk music by Harris Face - GREAT tunes and  awesome covers + mile high cheese burger sliders made for a great night... check Harris out here:

By day we made our rounds to the various "must see" attractions of the capital (see part 1) mainly via a Double Decker "Big Bus Tour" 

I've used this service before in both London and Liverpool. It's hop on hop off service allows you to see the city, grasp the lay of the land and get shuttled from landmark to landmark far cheaper than taking a number of taxis (sure the underground is even cheaper and more culturally engaging but we were on vacation and LAZY after long days at the convention) plus if you're lucky you'll get a funny tour guide with some off beat local knowledge.

 View from the top of the Tour Bus at the US Capitol Building
Departing from here we arrive at one of the more interesting stops along the way the:
The Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum
If you're looking to get out of the heat for a bit this place holds the largest collection of historic aircraft and spacecraft in the world AND an actual piece of the MOON!
You'll also find the Apollo 11 Command Module, The Spirit of St. Louis , a lunar lander and much more... don't forget to get some astronaut ice cream from the gift shop it's delicious
Technically StashBelt's now landed on the Moon! - Take that inferior Earth based belts!
May 25, 2014


StashBelt does Washington DC! - Part 1

StashBelt Does Washington DC! – Part 1

Gather round Stashfans, today’s blog post is about StashBelt’s recent trip to the USofA’s national capital.

Not to be confused with the state of the same name, Washington DC is actually a district (D.C = District of Columbia) Why complicate things? Well, you can thank the Pennsylvania Mutiny of 1783 for that… but this isn’t a history lesson, so on with the show:

StashBelt’s co-founder and “Chief of Stash” Seth Rozee touched down early May 2014 for a bit of business mixed with pleasure. Thankfully he packed his shorts and sandals because Washington was WAY warmer than the polar vortex he left behind back at Stash HQ.

First stop, the White House


Despite what Will Smith in Independence Day would have you believe the White House has NOT been destroyed by aliens. On the contrary, for Canadians like me, the White House still remains a MUST SEE attraction when visiting the capital city. First timers will be surprised at just how close you can get to this iconic address. You’ll find tones of great photo ops at both the North and South sides of the House, the North getting you much closer… keep in mind you’re amongst hundreds of tourists here and most likely lots of seasoned pick pockets, so pack your StashBelt!


From here you’re just a short walk to the National Mall which is not really a mall but a huge chunk of land smack dab in the middle of the city. The mall houses most of Washington’s most recognisable landmarks and monuments.

We walked to the Washington Monument to catch our bearings. This is a great rally point BTW if you plan on meeting anyone, as you can see it from almost anywhere in the city. Don’t forget to take your obligatory “Godzilla sized - leaning on the monument” photo, standard fair for tourists everywhere. Note, since the earthquake in 2011 the 555 foot tall Washington Monument is actually closed to the public, but it’s supposed to re-open this year. 


Onto the Lincoln Memorial!


Due West of the Washington Monument you’ll find the famous Lincoln memorial reflecting pool. Designed and built in 1922 by Henry Bacon, this historic water feature was the setting for Martin Luther King Jr’s 1963 “I have a dream” speech AKA the pool Forest Gump ran to Jenny in.


At the opposite end of the pool, the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Just a quick side note, to the tour group who asked me why I was photographing my belt, it was a pleasure meeting you all, as promised, use the promo code “save10” for 10% OFF and you too can have a StashBelt of your very own!

The memorial houses a larger than life Lincoln sculpted by Daniel Chester French. Take your time in here to read the walls and really soak up the history. But watch your bags, with over 20 MILLION visitors to the National Mall each year, tight quarters such as this can be a hot bed for stolen wallets.


With sore legs and a busy week ahead of us, these thirty travellers rounded out their day at a local watering hole.Penn Quarter Sports Tavern was our cabbie's pick when we requested cold beers and a sunny patio. We were not disappointed. Just a quick cab ride from The Lincoln Memorial at 639 Indiana Ave NW Penn Quarter offered affordable pub food and local craft brews to tickle any tastebuds.  




Stuffed, we headed back to the hotel and tucked in the for the night. Full of guacamole and great suds our trip was just getting started... stay tuned for Part 2!


Cheers StashFans! 

May 23, 2014


StashBelt is now on Ebay!


That's right!


StashBelt is now also available on Ebay! Check out our first listing:

April 01, 2014


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