September 11, 2013


Huge water reserve discovered in Kenya

Great news for Kenya! A massive aquifer that holds enough water to meet all of Kenya's needs for 70 years has been discovered, ITV News can reveal.

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June 04, 2013


Global & Mail Review by MERCEDEH SANATI

tashbelt helps hide your emergency supply of cash and copies of essential travel documents. It’s a pickpocket-proof leather belt that’s also socially responsible.

How it works

Concealed in the belt is a 45-centimetre-long zippered pocket and a compartment that conceals a 4 GB USB drive. Before buckling up, I fold in a dozen bills and load up the stick with scans of my driver’s licence, passport, travel insurance policy, e-tickets and credit cards. The belt is the brainchild of a group of Canadian social entrepreneurs and handmade in small batches in Kenya. Don’t expect the factory-produced perfection of a designer label. The first time I put it on, I struggled with the USB pocket and a sticky zipper; after a few wears, both loosen up, and moving things in and out is smoother.

Pros and cons

There’s an added sense of security knowing that your belt doubles as a portable vault. Unlike a purse or wallet, however, getting to your money on a regular basis isn’t easy. I attract a lot of attention trying to retrieve $10 in a busy café, proof that pickpockets would have a hard time snatching my stash. But going through airport security is nerve-wracking as I keep a watchful eye on my belt as it moves through the X-ray scanners.

Final verdict

More fashionable than a traditional money belt or bulky fanny pack, wear it in markets in Mumbai and museums in Manhattan. Plus, you’re supporting a homegrown endeavour that creates jobs in East Africa!

June 04, 2013


February 07, 2013


Indiegogo Launch coming fast!


 Hey Stashfans,

Quick update on the Indiegogo launch, ETA is about two weeks out - stay tuned for some major updates!

February 07, 2013


New website: We have liftoff!!

Dear StashBelters,

Welcome to our new website, powered by ! We're still in the process of getting all the content online, so please bear with us.

Since our first major production run in October, we have been trying to cope with massive demand for our new product. It seems everyone we talk to wants to buy one, and retailers are lining up to carry the StashBelt in shops across Canada and in Kenya. 

The big attraction of the 5th generation StashBelts is the integrated USB. All StashBelts now have a pocket designed to carry a water and shock resistant micro USB StashDrive, a new innovation bringing moneybelts into line with the needs of 21st century adventurers.

The next big thing for StashBelt is our fundraising/pre-order campaign on We're aiming to raise $20,000: enough capital to propel our venture into the stratosphere. With this cash we'll train additional Kenyan staff, upgrade our Nairobi workshop and make enough belts to meet the exploding demand.

StashBelt is a Kenyan-Canadian partnership, leveraging the skills of both to the benefit of all. We believe official development aid has failed in its attempt to improve the lives of ordinary Africans, and that business provides a sustainable path to improved livelihoods in Africa. Ten per cent of all profits will be plowed back into African business ventures, paying forward the generosity of our buyers.

Follow @Stashbelt on Twitter, and get to know our team through  photos from the workshop.

Stay tuned for more, and help create sustainable jobs for Kenyans.


Co-Founder, Production Coordinator